Jean Muir FBI File

I have posted a copy of the FBI files I obtained through a FOIA Request (see first page) on actor Jean Muir, the first woman blacklisted in television. I did not request records for Jean Fullarton (Muir was her professional name) or Jean Fullarton Jaffe (her married name), so am probably missing a good bit of information.

Jean Muir FBI Files


6 responses to “Jean Muir FBI File

  1. The link appears broken… does one need to register first to view the files?
    Love your blog BTW! ~_^

  2. Thank you!
    That was a fascinating, (yet terrifyingly chilling) read! It was tough to be “liberal” or even slightly progressive… and that was only a generation ago. Today the same types of fears are still used to justify gross injustice, only the demon has a different name now… “terrorist” is the new Communist! *Sigh*
    Warmest wishes,

  3. Hello my name is Danny Schepis and I was at Stevens Collage when Jean was head of the Freshman Acting class there. I was a set and lighting designer on full scholarship. She asked me to remodel her upstairs attic room. I attended some of her classes and we spent a lot of time up there playing chess and talking. Mostly about theater and the film studios and people in them. We also talked about the blacklist she was of course very bitter about it. As you can see from the FBI reporting they were handy with the tar but not in any form of repairing damage done .Just like media quick to accuse then the clearing is on page 14 one paragraph. One thing of note Jean was active and headstrong, and you note not a lot of early education. She regretted that. She was generous of her time, effort, and sometimes money back then and was blind of some things going on around her. It is easy today to try to investigate what is going on; but back then people were not as on edge as now. I will always take with me our quiet conversations. She was a good teacher, and a good friend. She did not deserve the black listing and was caught out of place. It cost her a lot she sank very low but came back strong. I will also always remember her strength.

  4. Yes I consider knowing her a High Point in my life.

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