Student article on Greek Life

Below, I’m sharing a comment I posted on an article in our student newspaper, because I’m not sure that the moderator will approve it. And because I’m upset about the obvious ethical violations — the article is clearly a public relations move by FSL and its supporters. That’s not what a student newspaper should be publishing.

Here’s the link to what is essentially a puff piece for Fraternity and Sorority Life, as it’s described here. Not only did the author not bother to contact the faculty member who did the campus climate survey, she didn’t bother to contact anyone who might be the least bit critical of FSL or mention, for example, that at least one fraternity is currently on social probation because of a reported drugging or that FSL no longer requires training, as minimal as that is.

“I am writing as the co-chair of the Senate Task Force to Address Sexual Violence and Survivor Support and also as a Professor in the School of Journalism and Communication. I am alarmed by the ethical violations that abound in this article. No sources outside FSL were consulted for the writing of this article and nowhere does the author reveal her own relationship to FSL at UO.

I am assuming that the author is the same Kiley Miyatt who enthusiastically liked pages on the now defunct Facebook page UO Confessions, including the following:

“My roommate got so fucked up she wore a sunbrero [sic] around town with no shirt on. She also peed in a shower, and fell asleep sitting upright on a counter at a party. I’m sooooo proud of her.” (…

“I got a boner when those two girls kissed on kiss cam. My girlfriend then noticed and now I’m single. Where you at ladies???” (….

I cannot begin to tell you how disappointed I am that the Emerald published a piece that has absolutely no balance and that contains no independent research or thought.

We have a lot of work to do on this campus.


Carol Stabile, Professor”


2 responses to “Student article on Greek Life

  1. That article reminds me of greeks in the Gateway course at the SOJC when they want to write/produce a positive multimedia piece on Greek Life as their final gateway project. They want to show how much they contribute to society because everyone has a negative perception about them and they want to show the world how much good they do through their philanthropy. However, those projects get struck down repeatedly. The reporter, Kylie Myatt, needs to increase her privacy settings on Facebook, because it says she joined a sorority only three days ago. It appears that this is one of those gateway pieces that are repeatedly struck down by the instructors because we/they expect students to know what good journalism is… But now she’s on staff for the Emerald, and no one had the sense to question this article, or to encourage her to be a good journalist and be thorough and critical. SIGH.

    .. After looking at all the pieces she’s written I think: REALLY?!! EMERALD, REALLY?? You’d think greek row hired a PR person to publish for them in the newspaper after the sexual violence that made national headlines implicated the greek system a place where sexual violence and misogyny is accepted and celebrated. Booo!

    • Sorry for long delay in response. Sometimes dealing with comments is more than a person can bear (“The only thing that surprises me that someone like you has a job at a major university” — grammatical errors not mine).

      Wouldn’t it be great to have a course on covering sexual violence for journalism students?

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