they who shall not be named*

*I changed the title of this because I was getting spammed by white supremacists, one of whom incorrectly but predictably inferred that our punk comrade was black. He wasn’t. Some of whom berated me for bad parenting, because cussing is apparently much worse than spouting hatred.

So I was driving Tony home from school this afternoon when we noticed three white supremacists standing on a busy corner near his high school. Here’s one of their signs.


Tony insisted that we go back and bring our own posters. His first idea was an “I’m with stupid” poster, but then he just wrote “ignorant” and decided to leave it at that:


We just stood there for a few minutes, since I told Tony I thought these people were batshit crazy (a couple and their thirty-something son who ranted on about how white people were being deprived of their land) and that it would be a waste of time to talk to them.

But then the most amazing thing happened. A man with a gold tooth and awesome tattoos and a fricking Muhammad Ali sweatshirt (floats like a butterfly stings like a bee) walks up to the people holding the sign and I shit you not says: “You people are fucking crazy. You are a fucking disgrace.”

Shaking his head and laughing, he asked them where their people came from and they said they’re native Oregonians. “Oh, you’re Native Americans then, you were here when fucking white people stole all the fucking land from your people?”

No, they said. They were white people. “You’re fucking stupid is what you are.” “Do you believe in God?” “No, they said.” “Good,” he responded, “then I don’t have to talk to you about that bullshit.”

They packed up their banner and pamphlets and fled.

Turns out our anti-racist fairy godmother was from Philly, born in Pittsburgh. And I thought oh god there are days where I so miss that East Coast in your face fuck you fascist asshole bullshit and the chutzpah of a perfectly lovely man who hates racists and knows very well that the white people from the sticks are going to be scared to death of him with his tooth and  his tats and his willingness to look them in the face and say “You are a fucking disgrace.”

It reminded me that the best way to fight white supremacists is in the streets and in their faces. Thanks anti-racist fairy godmother and Tony for reminding me of that.

One response to “they who shall not be named*

  1. Reblogged this on a sandwich, with words??? and commented:
    It is difficult for me to express just how awesome this woman (and her whole family) is. I could not have asked for a more badass PhD advisor.

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