Hollywood is a Misogyny Factory

So what else is new? Not to sound snarky, but it’s an industry premised on the objectification of women, that has long created and reproduced myths about white supremacy, so the surprise about the misogyny of McFarlane’s performance rings a bit oddly.

I mean, c’mon — the Oscars is like the Westminster Kennel Show but with women instead of dogs.

4 responses to “Hollywood is a Misogyny Factory

  1. Yes — they did a song about BOOBS? That is just outrageous, minus the part about how nearly every movie produced is essentially a song about boobs…

    • Carol Stabile

      So true! About the boobs, that is. Plus, does the industry really need to appeal to the lowest-common denominator (e.g. sexist white men between the ages of 18 and 30) to boost their sagging ratings? Maybe the ratings suck because the content is BAD.

  2. Reblogged this on a sandwich, with words??? and commented:
    My former (I’m still not used to that “former”) advisor is the best…

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