Make My Day

I love running on Sunday mornings. I don’t have to rush off to meetings afterwards. I can enjoy my shower. Mrak makes breakfast. Some Sundays it doesn’t even rain.

So I’m running this morning. I notice there’s are a lot of dudes on the football field adjacent to the track, but I’m listening to a truly boring podcast, so I kind of nod off. Out of the corner of my eye, I notice a lot of posturing, a lot of talk about being “a man” from some of said dudes, blah blah blah.

But then they went there. After their huddle, one of the teams chants: “We like our women wet and our fields dry.” Which was followed by, “Let’s get those whores.”

Stopped me in my tracks. Total hulk out moment. You see, I’ve had a long week, institution-wise. I was really looking forward to my 45 minutes of bullshit free exercise, where I could zone out from my boring podcast, think about my menu for the holiday, and just breathe. And then that.

I stopped in mid-stride,  walked up onto the field and asked who they were. They grudgingly muttered something. I then said, “That women wet, field dry stuff is totally not cool.” To which one of them said, “I’m sorry,” while the others nudged each other and smirked (one of them muttered “creeper”).

Is this really 2012? Mrak refs football. You know how I feel about football. But he’d never tolerate that kind of crap on the field. What bothered me most is that the misogyny was so pervasive in the way they talked about the game and each other. You could tell that this is the way they think about playing and about the game — as if their ownership, not to push it too far, of “their” women and “their” fields was absolute.

Is it too much to expect more of men than that?


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