Shameful state of public education in Oregon

This from our middle schooler’s principal this morning:

“Over the last two years, due to state budget funding cuts, we have lost 24 class sections.  Your donations are the only way we have to help create a program that will meet the needs of our kids. Only 96 of our families have given so far. If the other 300 families were to give we would reach our fundraising goal of $25,000.00.  You can give in person or electronically. Please see the email I will resend today. We need donations by this Friday so we can accurately plan for next year.    We truly need your help. ”

It’s shameful that “public” education is reduced to this and principals who should be building curricula and faculty have to devote their time to fundraising. What’s it going to come to? Kickstarter campaigns?

We owe this to the more than thirty-year-old campaign by Republicans to turn US citizens into the most ignorant, least educated so-called industrialized country.

We should occupy our public schools in protest.

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