The Oscars: A Sad Dirge for an Industry Devoid of Diversity

Some Fembot folks watched the Academy Awards last night, an experience that felt a lot like being at the funeral of an elderly relative — everyone expected the death and thought it appropriate to indulge in some graveyard humor as old as the corpse. Billy Crystal was terrible (the one thing the blogosphere seems to agree on today) and his weird blackface performance really set the tone for the rest of the evening — there were fat jokes, age jokes, queer jokes, jokes at the expense of black folk, etc.

And when the cast of Bridesmaids came out to present to present the award for short film, we weren’t allowed to forget for a minute the ever present wiener-fest that is the Academy Awards. Seriously, why would anyone think that when that many funny women get together, the topic of conversation would be penises? Life is too short! And that’s not a penis joke fyi.

Of course, it’s no surprise that the Academy of Motion Pictures is still as lily-white as it was when it was founded back in 1929. I should add here that only two women have ever been president of the Academy of Motion Pictures and one — the formidable Bette Davis — resigned after two months (I don’t know why, yet, but you can bet that’s on my to-do list now).

Of the current 41 members of the Academy, six are women, which I guess is some progress over 84 years. But there are no Asian Americans, no Latina/os, and as far as I can determine, no African Americans.

But hey, Annette Bening is one of the officers.

Guess which one.

Right. Secretary.

Makes perfect sense that the films that garnered the most awards were nostalgic glimpses at times gone by.


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