On the publishing front . . .

Just wanted to share some good news on the publishing front. First, a new issue of “Laundry Day” is up on the fembot website, with terrific contributions on  Breaking Dawn, part 1.

Second, I am now the series editor for a book series at university of Illinois press on feminist media studies! Here’s to 2012 and lots of new feminist articles and books!


2 responses to “On the publishing front . . .

  1. Hey Carol… Kelly Happe just introduced me to your site; we were both working on a Saturday afternoon in a local coffee shop and I mention something about an oral history project I worked on re: to women in advertising in the 50-60s. I’m interested to hear about the book series you mention here. Can you tell me more?

  2. Hi, Peggy. Your project sounds right up this line’s alley. Here’s the link to the series description: http://www.press.uillinois.edu/books/find_books.php?type=series&search=fms. Will shoot you an email as well.

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