“He was a Stand-Up Guy”

Those were the words of Buffalo Bills safety Bryan Scott, who played for Penn State You can, if you want, read the Grand Jury report  about the culture of silence and denial at Penn State, but you’ve got to have a pretty strong stomach to get through the many aspects of what amounts to a huge cover-up.

According to the Grand Jury report, the graduate student teaching assistant reported seeing Sandusky anally raping a ten-year-old boy, an act that was reduced linguistically by those in charge to “horsing around,” doing something of a “sexual nature,” or indeterminate “boundary issues.” The TAs father told him to report the incident to Paterno, which he did on a Saturday morning. And that was it. The incident was never reported to police, which it should have been, according to PA law. Sandusky continued to prey on vulnerable young boys at the Second Mile. And football went on as usual as Penn State.

Look, this isn’t about how sad it is that Paterno’s reputation will be “tainted.” It’s that so many young boys were raped or sexually assaulted by a man whose actions were known and protected by the state. No moral lapse this, but rather a closing of the ranks and a suppression of a secret that apparently a good number of people in charge knew.

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