Ten Long Years

Reading the cover of the New York Times today, I got no reminder about this dismal anniversary: ten years ago, the US invaded Afghanistan, kicking off an era of what now seems to be perpetual war. Conservative estimates suggest that at least a million people have died in the wars in Afghanistan and Iraq. The consequences in terms of displacements of people, ruination of infrastructure (globally — the money to run the war machine has had to come from somewhere in the US and a glance at our health, education, and transportation systems should give us all a clue as to what’s being sacrificed here), maiming of women, men, and children — how do we calculate those?

It’s tragic that after the frenzied media coverage of the tenth anniversary of the attacks on the World Trade Center and the Pentagon, there’s so little in the way of reflection about the actions undertook ten years ago today.


One response to “Ten Long Years

  1. Well put, Carol. The silence about this anniversary is certainly is tragedy upon tragedy.

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