Reapers are the Angels

Plum cake divine. Would have taken a picture, but it got eaten too quickly.

Jet-lagged guests left early enough for me to finish what may wind up being my last summer novel, The Reapers are the Angels, by Alden Bell (pseudonym for Joshua Gaylord). At last! A literate and elegant (I know!) zombie narrative where the girl gets to protect herself from would-be post-apocalyptic rapists, zombies, mutants, and the dangers of The Road. The main character will have to join my pantheon of kick-ass female protagonists.

I found the ending to the  novel disappointing, but I’ll leave that aside, so as to avoid any spoilers. Still, it’s a wonderful novel that grabs you by the shoulders and doesn’t let go until the final pages. I’ve read very little this summer that I couldn’t put down: Miss Peregrine’s Home for Peculiar Children, Blood Red Road, Empire of the Summer Moon, and now this. I’ve read a lot that I really should have put down (which I chalk up to being obsessed with Entertainment Weekly‘s recommended books — dirty habit).


One response to “Reapers are the Angels

  1. “Published August 3rd *2010* by Holt Paperbacks”

    Someone is slacking off in their duties to the Ancient Collection of Sci Fi, unless we’re broadening the scope to lightweight zombie novels.

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