Hahn Political Ad

There’s so much about this ad (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=EZ3B8WvVjL4) right now — is it racist? is it sexist? is it stupid (seriously — you’ve got to be stupid to be asking that question lol)?

YES, it’s all three in the predictably disgusting toxic brew cooked up by conservatives and those who make media on their behalf. But what really gets me is the way in which “sex sells” gets used as an alibi for awful behavior on the part of those who make media. It’s this kind of “the devil made me do it” argument that allows media producers to blame consumers for the crappy content they continue to manufacture. It’s not us, right? We’re just giving consumers what they want and what they want is whatever kind of cheap, tarty, formulaic crap advertisers and producers decide to make, based on the cretins they imagine their audiences to be. Sex sells? Please! To whom? Tell me that you’re selling that crap to women and people of color because that’s what they want. Oh, yeah. I’m a woman and I’ve been dying to see other women pole-dancing and reduced to nothing but a big booty. Tell me that you’re selling that stuff to tween and teen boys because if you throw a woman’s ass on the screen, they’ll be completely mesmerized and will stop playing LA Noire.

And even if it does get you a lot of publicity (of which, ironically, this post is a teeny tiny part), do you really want to be selling such a terrible product to audiences? I suppose that the answer is yes, but we should at least stop using that old tired “sex sells” adage for bad behavior on the part of those making media.



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