Mentoring Advice

Am at a session right now and thought I’d jot down some of the notes about advice for academic success (mainly grads and junior faculty, but some just broad good sense):

* don’t need to have a star advisor to get a good job
* need someone whose style works for you
* take some time to get the lay of the land — find your community (professional and personal)
* you have to find a good mentor who will have your back — find out who will cover for you
* learn to say no when it comes to service: use 24 hour waiting period — “That’s a terrific opportunity, but I have a 24 hour waiting period that lets me think about how that work might fit into my schedule and whether I can commit to it.”
* pick your battles
* find a cohort (outside and inside your department) — and spaces that are lifelines
* develop a thick skin going into teaching in particular
* find a balance
* don’t give up your politics! don’t buy the argument that you have to wait for your first job or for tenure to do what’s politically right


One response to “Mentoring Advice

  1. thanks for this. i already got that last one down pat!

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