facebook is dead to me

Really, the subject line says it all. I’ve found myself feeling thoroughly burned out on facebook these days, with its desultory “likes” (why isn’t there an option for “dislike”?), its glimpses into the minutiae of friends’ everyday lives, the newsfeed that allows you to crawl through this minutiae, the sense that everyone is so stressed about being clever or original or performative or the purveyor of the next new thing. I find myself thinking more and more about Bourdieu’s Distinction and all the ways in which social networking encourages us to participate in processes of distinction and, in a sense, ratchets up the ante for doing so in characters of 40 or less or whatever.

But, you say, what’s a blog then anyway? Hey, I’m not saying I’m immune . . .


2 responses to “facebook is dead to me

  1. Hey Carol –
    In all honesty, I’ve struggled with this as well. David and I had a conversation about this topic last year at one point, and I’m still on the fence. I think, for me, it is coming down to deciding if I want to use FB (which I do, ’cause I do use it) and then exactly *how* I want to use it. That’s the trick with all of the new media, I think. I have a tendency to jump in and use something before being reflective about how I want to use it and how it will impinge (impact) my life.

    I think that blogging is perhaps different than FB as it can allow for longer and more in-depth conversations to take place. At least I want to think so. Character limits don’t really allow for nuance and, well, life is full of nuance. At least I think so.

    I’m glad you brought this up. Thanks. Good 2011 to you!

  2. Ha! You’d best give up on human interaction if the jockying for distinction is giving you the shits 😉 Even our phatics are involved. Suck it up!

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