New Year’s Resolutions

It’s a bad idea to come up with abstemious new year’s resolutions, like quitting anything or losing weight or rectifying some moral or ethical shortcoming. One year, my resolution was to drink more martinis. I didn’t really manage to do that — instead, I discovered that I didn’t like martinis that much. Useful discovery, though. Another year, when I was living in Pittsburgh, my resolution was to go to Raccoon State Park. Even though that was manageable (and could have been combined with a visit to the FiestaWare outlet in West Virginia), with a one-year-old in tow, I never got there. But it’s still in the realm of possibility.

Am still thinking about what this year will bring. Maybe being a nicer person and doing a better job of avoiding snark. Maybe that errs too much on the abstemious/self-improvement side of things, though?

More likely, doing something I’ve never done before, like going to Joseph, Oregon. 🙂

5 responses to “New Year’s Resolutions

  1. Great post!

  2. I was about to go on and on about this fantastic New Year’s idea I had for you–something exciting and energizing, positive without being self-improving per se, not abstemious in the least (perhaps you see where I’m going with this..), but then I got distracted by mapquesting the fiestaware outlet–how can it possibly not be on the way from DC to Columbus? Damn mountains….

  3. ” Maybe being a nicer person and doing a better job of avoiding snark. ”

    Yeh, if you figure this one out let me know. Beyond the just-for-kicks repeating mantra of “just be nicer,” I have seemed to have failed miserably.

  4. abstemious is a great word. i think my New Year’s resolution will be to use it 😉

  5. Given my repetitive failure to fulfill resolutions, I vow to make less money for next year. Play the system folks, play the system.

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