Fembot — What We’re Up To

A brief explanation. Over the next few weeks, and until our permanent website is finished, we’ll be using my website to have our preliminary conversations about the new online journal a group of us are working on (and if you’re interested in Fembot but aren’t on the list yet, send me a note).

The purpose of the blog is to begin to work through some of the administrative and technological issues associated with Fembot — to provide a space for discussion and debate about our feminist reinvention of the scholarly journal and peer review. Some of you will recall that this process will culminate in a ftf meeting, hopefully at SCMS next March.

This blog has additional value that I hope you’ll keep in mind. Karen E. and I will be working on grant proposals over the next couple of months and it would really improve our application if we could point granting agencies in the direction of the lively Fembot community that is already emerging around this project.

The next post will focus our attention on the very first topic for discussion. Please try to stay focused on the topic itself, but as additional ideas/comments come up, let us know, because we’ll be keeping a running list of additional items for discussion.

I’m going to ask a number of you to provide summaries of chunks of the discussion that will be posted on the blog (will do that via email), which will be helpful when it comes to drafting a full document for late in the fall.


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