Hints from Heloise

gack. another long lapse. how am i to build audience lol when i can’t remember i might have one. finally thought of a purpose for this blog, following on the previous post. maybe i could write a 21st century hints from heloise, but one that would offer advice across fictions of public and private — kind of like here’s all the stuff I’ve learned and maybe it’ll help you not to have as steep a learning curve as i did. I always think about how women in the 1950s didn’t breastfeed and their kids and other women lost info about the practice, having to consort with lactation consultants in the 1980s and beyond. i’m not crazy about the breastfeeding analogy, but i’m gonna run with it for the nonce.

so here’s a stupid tip: instead of buying fancy cleaner for your disgusting laptop keyboard and screen, use plain old rubbing alcohol. i guess vodka would work, too, but you might need that for other purposes.


2 responses to “Hints from Heloise

  1. Use the sticky end of a post-it to clean out the loose gunk that collects underneath your laptop’s keys.

    More crucially, you can’t expect to attract an audience for your blog if (ahem) you don’t tell your friends that you have one. Damnit.

  2. Gil — it’s such a lame-ass attempt at a blog! It’s been my dirty little lame-ass secret!

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