Rant #2 continued — The Time Vampire

I think that what I was getting at in my last post is that there are people who have A LOT of ideas in academe, but their idea-making ability exceeds their ability to execute ’em. Sometimes this is because they have less-than-ideal organizational skills; sometimes it’s because they’re the type of people who generate a lot of work for those around them, while they pursue their own agendas.

This isn’t meant to be a critique of the latter, whose single-mindedness I often admire, but to say WATCH OUT FOR THEM because they are TIME VAMPIRES. They will appeal to your political and institutional sympathies, your ego and then suck up your time so quickly it’ll make your head spin. Admire their sparkly empire-building abilities from a distance, but do not get sucked into their administrative vortex.

On other fronts, I was wrong about the cake. Some students even had third slices.


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